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I will collect several mathematical wits here. Some pedantic people must humph these, since these are not modern mathematics. If you love longing old mathematics, you must enjoy my collections.

What's like mathemusement?

Friday afternoon mathematics.

In order to enjoy mathemusement, we encounter some problem what kind of knowledge of mathematics is required. To understand some mathemusement, an elementary arithmetics would be enough. Some mathemusement requires us to have university level of mathematics. In such varieties, I have chosen some category of the topics which freely contain any level of mathematics but, on the other hand, each topic has an easy part in time such that a part of each topic is enough understandable by elementary arithmetics (highschool arithmetics). I call such category of mathemusement specially "friday afternoon mathematics." (The asterisks indicate that the problems contain my original solutions.)
Magic Cubes & N-adic
Four "4"s
Discontinuous functions(equations)
Plane figure equations
Domain-size invariant integral
AWK script that calculates magic square of any order
Reverse Polynomial
Numbers equal their squares.
Irreducible-parameter invariant function
p-adic algebraic field and base-p digit systems for programmers
Pi Poetry
How to guess the day of the week for your friend's birthday?
Magic Cubes of prime orders.
Hyper Magic Cubes.
Function Calculator
Komachi reckoning
Resistive networks
Cyclic logarithm
Dice Origami
Fake Dice
Digit-matrix decompositions of N-adic magic squares
2D digit-tiling

Magic Cubes and Magic Squares

Here are my several works around the magic of the numbers.

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