dice origami

Dice Origami

F. Poyo

14 Nov, 1997

I made a development pattern of japanese dice for "dice origami (so-called folding paper art)". I made several configurations for each face pattern. Interestingly, the dices I bought in Hong Kong have the different pattern from the japanese one. Specially, their face of 2 has two black dots aligned in parallel to the side, whereas the japanese one has diagonally aligned dots in the face of 2. The pattern for japanese dice is based on that of "Taiyo Kagaku, co." who has No. 1 market-share of dices in japan.

How to fold:

How to fold the paper into a box(, thus dice) is exellently explained in the page.

Download the files:

Gif files are not appropriate to adjust the size of the pattern to a paper. Use postscript files with A4 papers.

A favor

I have a favor for you who visit here. If your dice has the different pattern of dot configurations, please inform me by e-mail with your nationality. I just want to know about dices more. Specially, I want to know who invented the dot patterns. If you know any information for dice, please inform me. Thanx.